Blended Milk's/ Other
Langa La Tur

Robiola Bosina
Campo De Montalban
Quadrello di Bufalo


Proscuitto di Parma - Speck -  Pancetta - Mortadella - Dry CoppaHouse- madeBresaola - Hot Capicola - Sopresatta - Saucisse de Lyon - Chorizo - Genoa Salami

House-made Pastrami  -  House-made Corned Beef - House-made Porchetta

Fra' Mani Calabrese Salame - Fra' Mani Piedmontese Salame

Jamon de Paris - House- made Top Round Roast Beef  - Nduja- Olli Wild Boar Salami

Artisanal Cheese

  Charcuterie Boards


1 for $6.00      3 for $15.00     6 for $25.00     10 for $45.00

     All boards are served with House-made Accroutrements, Fresh Baguette and Crostini

Chef's Choice 3 taco variety plate mixing charcuterie meats, artisinal cheese, pickled vegetables and sauces. Only available at Cultured

Cow's Milk

St Stephens Triple Cream Camembert

Green Hill Camembert

House-made Mozzarella

House-made Ricotta

Sweet Grass Dairy Thomasville Tomme

Sottocenere al Tartufo


Meadowcreek Grayson

Pleasant Ridge Reserve


Rogue Smokey Blue

Smoked Gouda

Cave Aged Emmenthaler

Deer Creek Vat 17


5 yr aged Gouda

Hawks Hill Smoked Cheddar

Point Reyes Blue

Cured Meats


Sheep's Milk
Carr Valley Marissa
Ossau Iraty
Manchego 1yr

 Ewephoria Gouda

Goat's Milk

Caprikorn Farms Fresh Chevre
Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Cypress Grove Purple Haze
Fleur Verte
Vermont Creamery Bonne Buche

Vermont Creamery Bijou
Firefly Farms Cabra La Mancha
Drunken Goat